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Russia date paste wholesalers in 2020

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How do you preserve date paste?Russia date paste wholesalers around world

Export of date paste along with date exports from Iran to overseas markets is very common. Dates, in addition to their original form, are consumed in the form of date paste and date juice, which are exported in both packaged and bulk forms. The largest date production market in Iran is related to tropical regions such as Kerman and Hormozgan, but the industries related to the production of Russia date paste wholesalers are far from where this product is harvested.

Russia date paste wholesalers in 2020

How do you preserve date paste?

How do you preserve date paste? Date paste is a processed product made from dates without any artificial additives, preservatives, and unnatural ingredients. This product is very tasty, has a soft and uniform texture, tan color, and is completely pasteurized. The black dough is made from black dates and the brown dough is made from yellow and brown dates. You can also add other natural ingredients such as sesame, hazelnut, pistachio kernel, almond kernel, walnut kernel, and تا to have different flavors and of course more properties.

 This product, as one of the most important products produced to date, has found many applications in the food industry today and can be a very good alternative to various types of sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is also a very nutritious substance that can be eaten not only for breakfast and dinner but also as a condiment or marmalade to produce sweets, cakes and even to cook some foods.

Its industrial uses include confectionery, baking cakes, and chocolates, biscuit and muffin making industries, special kitchen industries for baking halva, confectioneries that produce pancakes, chocolates, truffles, and other sweet products. Dairy and ice cream industries, and so on.

Russia date paste wholesalers around world

Russia date paste wholesalers around world At present, Iranian date paste and other products made from dates, such as date chips, are exported to 72 countries and are very popular. The export type of this product is done in different packages as well as in bulk. It may be interesting to know that although in past Iraq was one of the leading producers of dates, today Iranian dates and date products have entered the market and have the largest share of it, and this is a great victory.

Iran is known as the second-largest producer of dates and their products, after Egypt. The price of date paste for sale can be different depending on the type of data used and the type of brand. This price difference is especially large in the sale of bulk date dough products. It is worth mentioning that you can get this product through the site and eliminating intermediaries and buying cheaper and direct from the date production company. 

Types of baking with date paste are produced in our company using all standards and complete hygiene. This product is very energetic. Ingredients of date paste are pure dates that are 100% natural and tonic for the body.

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