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Types of Date products

Date vinegar
Dates syrup
Date ball (date truffle)
Date Chips

Types of Date products

Date chocolate
date paste
Date sugar
Herbal tea by date kernel


Types of Date products

Date sauce
Date kernel oil

Date syrup

Dates Biscuit 


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About Us

I&L company, which is registered in Lebanon and has been the sales representative of Behran Oil Company in Lebanon and Syria for 4 years, has benefited from experts in the field of export and familiarity with trade from all over the world, as well as in cooperation with several reputable companies. Dates, all of which have the necessary standards and quality producers in Iran, prepare quality products with high nutritional value and in different packages with the latest equipment in the world and send them to all parts of the world. Our goal is to introduce Iranian date products and gain rank in export and currency that with the history of this company, is not far from reach.


I & L s.a.r.l Managing Director

Majid Veisizadeh